About Miss Bespoke Papercuts

About Miss Bespoke Papercuts

Hi, I'm Aimee Richards AKA Miss Bespoke Papercuts.

I am a papercut and water colour illustrator, renowned for my bespoke paper cut illustrations and bright paper cut cards, and I live with my husband and three little boys in Portsmouth, UK. 

Here you will find beautifully intricate paper cuts and eclectically bold paper goods, from bright Birthday cards to floral prints, all of which originate from my hand paintings.

My style is typically British-quirky and romantic with humorous tendencies and stories are always the founding element in my designs-I want to make my customers fall in love, laugh, and cry with joy. 

I have always been creative, heralding from a fashion and lingerie design background where upon I lived and worked in Hong Kong and London with jaunts in New York and Paris. Upon the birth of my second baby, I decided that I wanted to set up my own business with the aim of living a creative life whilst supporting my young family, so in 2014 my brand was born from a vintage postal bureau in my dining room. 

I have an eye for detail and everything I create begins with my pencil. The majority of my paper cuts are hand drawn and hand cut with my scalpel, and the unique paper cut text on my prints and cards originates from my hand cut alphabet. I'm a little bit of a rebel so all of my paintings are mixed from pencil, watercolour and gouache, which I then scan in to create products from in the form of bright wall art and luxury cards that can be kept forever. 

I am incredibly passionate about my craft which is why I have taught over 800 people the mindful art of paper cutting, including corporate workshops for Swatch Watches, John Lewis and Stila make up. Its also why I sell beginners paper cutting kits, because I want to share my knowledge of paper cutting with other people, with the aim that they find it as mindful and relaxing as I do.

In 2019 I collaborated with Not On The High Street and Birchbox for the February Valentines campaign called 'Let Love Grow' which as a small indie business has been one of my biggest achievements. The success of this has led me to start selling my prints and cards wholesale to retailers such as Anthropologie worldwide and small boutiques that love artisan goods and pops of colour! 

My signature paper cut printed cards have been featured in publications such as Home and Gardens and LivingEtc magazines, as well as in the Not On the High Street Youtube campaign. I also designed Holly Tucker's Christmas cards in 2021 which was a real honour! 

My papercutting work has been licensed for Burts Bee's and has been featured on Grazia online, and my illustration work for Burts Bees. 

When you shop with my small business, I promise to give you fantastic customer service alongside quality products that are kind to the universe which is why all of my cards all come naked and my paper cuts and prints are wrapped in easily recyclable vellum and paper tissue. 

If you have any questions or want to know more please feel free to email me at aimeemissbespoke@gmail.com