How can I contact you? 

Please email me at aimeemissbespoke@gmail.com

I have sent you an email, how long will it take you to reply?

I usually respond within 48 hours, however please note this is usually longer over the weekend as I am a mum with small children. 

How much is delivery?

Delivery to the UK is FREE, please see the delivery page here for shipping elsewhere 

If I live locally to you, am I able to pick up?

Unfortunately I do not allow pick ups from my home address.

Can I get in touch with Aimee for press features and interviews?

Of course- please email me at aimeemissbespoke@gmail.com 

Where else do you stock?

I stock here, on Etsy, Not On the High Street and selected shops worldwide. 

Can I stock your products in my store?

Please apply HERE for a Trade account to find out more information. 

Paper cut Designs 

Will you tell me if something is handcut or laser/die cut?

Always. I can always tell if someone has laser cut a piece or hand cut it. There will always be little giveaways to the cutting!  

Do you take commercial commissions?

I do! If this is something you would like to arrange please email me at aimeemissbespoke@gmail.com with exact details of your requirements and I will be able to send you a quote. 

Can I photocopy your papercut designs to use for an invitation? 

No-you may have purchased my design physically but the original sketches, design and any modification or replications belong to me.

Could you do this paper cut for cheaper?

My prices are final. Each piece and things like frames have been priced accordingly for time, labour, materials, delivery and packaging.

Do you design papercutting templates?

I do not design templates that replicate my work unless it is one of those used at my workshops. 

I've seen this paper cut and I am wondering if you are able to replicate it for me?

No-I am really sorry but as an artist I would hate if someone copied my work!

Can I modify one of your designs for me to paper cut myself?

No. If I am advised that someone has copied one of my designs I will send a cease and desist and consult legal advise. 

Am I able to talk to you on the telephone regarding custom orders?

I am unable to talk on the telephone regarding custom orders. This is because my designs are usually so detailed I like to have a paper trail to link back too when I am designing and cutting so that you are completely happy with your artwork.


I'm just starting my own business, can you help me?

I'm really sorry but I can't. What I can tell you to do is grow your business organically, make sure it is absolutely what you want to do, be passionate about all aspects of it, consume as much information as possible on networking forums about social media, photography, blogging etc. Be prepared to work every hour you can, temporarily sacrifice friendships time wise and avoid trash tv (it's addictive and time consuming).

Can you donate to my charity/offer a raffle prize?

I am really sorry, I am only able to contribute to causes that have affected me or my children such as their schools.

Are you taking on Staff?

No, there is just one of me. From time to time I will consider a work experience placement, please email me for further information.

How did you build your Website?

I use an amazing website builder and service called Shopwired.

Who did your photography?

I did after doing some courses withMakelight Studios

Where did you buy your picture props from?

A variety of places including Happy Blossoms.

Can't find the answer to your question?

Email me at aimeemissbespoke@gmail.com