Glass Flower Papercutting Advanced Session

Glass Flower Papercutting Advanced Session

Yesterday I ran my second advanced paper cutting workshop at Seeded in Winter Road. One of the things that I am not able to teach in a beginners session is how to draw, so for my advanced session I really wanted to explore this whilst developing and cutting something quite modern that can be kept. 

I can't give the game away too much, but as with paper cutting its all about practise and to emphasise this we usually do something I refer to as the 'floral okey-cokey'.

The first few sketches I describe as being like the beginning of a pancake session-the first one is always greasy and usually thrown away, but as everyone warms up the sketches get a quality to them. 

After an hour, and a cake break, everyone picks a sketch to develop into a template.Again, I don't want to give the secret away too much but this is probably one of the trickiest parts. The method I use to teach people to draw in a composition is something that can be used to develop any sketch to a template.

Finally, the last part of the workshop focuses on the cutting, where upon the 2D sketch gets turned into a 3D work of art and secured onto a glass hanger. 

If you would like to learn to paper cut or to join in with an advanced session, you can find more details here.